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P-Mac Audio
Delivering audiophile sound at sensible prices

In my work of building an efficient, mobile, battery powered  sound system for a bicycle, I discovered an amazing product, the T-amp. Incredibly compact, efficient, with remarkable sound quality, these amplifiers have baffled and frustrated serious audiophiles, who have discovered that these economical amplifiers sound as good as their $2,000+ units! However, many of the available amps suffer from poor quality construction which compromises the audio experience. We searched far and wide and found an overseas partner, HLLY Electronics, who can supply a quality product that we require, and are proud to share with family, friends, and our general audience. The small T-amps are great for office (ditch those horrible 1 Watt, powered computer speakers!), garage, kitchen, small living room, work shop, or bedroom. The smaller amps (T-amp 10, 20) run on 12 volts and work perfectly with battery power or the supplied 110 Volt adapter by Samsung. The T-amp 90 runs on 110V current and is more than adequate to handle larger speakers in a main entertainment room. For the audiophiles out there, well, you know what you are looking at. For those new to appreciating a higher level audio experience, we hope we have discovered some products that will lead to a revelation in your listening experience...and at very affordable prices. Take a look at our offerings and feel free to direct any questions to our customer service department. We also welcome any feedback you might have about our site, and the products we offer. email us at customerservice@p-macaudio.com
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